API stands for Application Programming Interface and is the method we use in our app to connect with Amazon to retrieve product information. The current version of our plugin uses version 4 of Amazon’s Product Advertising API. Amazon has recently announced that it would discontinue this version on 31st October and has released a new version 5.0 to replace the existing version.

We are working towards migrating the app from API version 4 to API version 5. For most Shopify merchants using the Spreadr app, there won't be any impact. Check the points below to see if it affects your store:

  1. If your Product Advertising keys were issued after 30 September 2017 you need to do nothing with keys. If however, your keys are created earlier you need to migrate your existing Product Advertising API account from AWS. Steps:
    • Login to your Associates account
    • Go to the Tools menu
    • Select Product Advertising API
    • Select ‘Manage Your Credentials’
    • Select the 'Migrate' button. If you don't see the 'Migrate' button you are already compatible. No need to do anything.
    • Select continue from the popup
    • Download your new keys and save them in Spreadr dashboard
  2. API version 5 will stop providing Customer Review data. Consequently, the Customer Review box displayed by Spreadr app will not be displayed. If you have this feature activated, you can go to the Spreadr dashboard and deactivate it.

Note: There even may be some surprises on 31 October when the switch-over happens. Amazon has not done a very good job of early notification and the upgrade is a tricky process. We will be monitoring the situation to ensure a smooth migration.