Amazon prefers the prices on affiliate stores to match the actual prices on Amazon. In a few cases, Amazon closed down affiliate accounts where prices were static and did not reflect actual prices on Amazon. Hence we strongly recommend activating auto-sync to keep the product prices updated with Amazon.

The app uses the official Amazon API to auto-sync products. It requires your Amazon account API credentials (also known as AWS access credentials). As soon as you provide the Amazon API credentials, the app uses them to fetch data and sync products.

Having said that, the Amazon API credentials are not made available to you before your Associate account gets approved. And only once you make three affiliate sales your account gets approved and you get access to API credentials.

To start with, the app enables you to auto-sync products even without your Amazon API credentials (with a lower product limit). We use Amazon data procured from alternative sources to sync data. This will help you make three affiliate sales and get your account approved. Once your Associate account is approved you can set up your Amazon API credentials in the Spreadr app dashboard. The app will then use your Amazon API credentials to auto-sync products.