Amazon Ecommerce is not a single globalized store, rather it is a collection of country and region-specific storefronts. Each of those storefronts has its own separate Affiliate programs as well. This means your Affiliate ID is not earning you commissions in any country but the US. 

Spreadr solves this problem to an extent via Geo-localize features. It detects the location of your users and takes them to their country-specific Amazon storefronts (eg: a UK visitor to and US visitor to It allows you to add every country's Affiliate ID into the dashboard, then automatically appends the country/region-specific Affiliate ID for each link before sending the user on to their local storefront. 

How does it work?

  1. We first detect the location (country) of the user. 

  2. If the user is coming from the same country as your Amazon link, no localization is needed. The user is simply sent to the original link. For example, if the link was built using the US Amazon storefront i.e., the user from the US would simply be directed to the original product listing in the Amazon US storefront.

  3. If the user is coming from another country, we check if the country has a native Amazon storefront:

    • If a native Amazon storefront is found, we do a generic search within the destination storefront using product title and guide the user to search result page with the Affiliate ID embedded in it.

    • If the native Amazon storefront is not found, we send the user to the original product link. We will soon be introducing country grouping, wherein countries with no Amazon storefront will be redirected to the nearest / most relevant Amazon storefront. Example a user from Austria will be redirected to Amazon Germany.

This will not only ensure a better user experience for the user but also receive all of your International Affiliate commissions.  

Geo-localize is only available for Pro plan account users and above.

Note: This feature is provided on a best effort basis – while most of the time, this service should be able to detect the visitor country and redirect them to the right local store, it may not work all the time. We expect the accuracy to be more than 97%, but there is a small chance that the visitor redirect may not happen as expected.