The auto-sync feature helps WooCommerce stores to automatically update product price and availability values to match Amazon so that the inventory and prices are always up to date.

  • Spreadr auto-syncs each product once every 24 hours.
  • This is feature is available for Pro plan account users and above.
  • Once activated Auto-sync will be applied to all the products present in the Spreadr dashboard.

The app auto-syncs the products with either of the following two data options:

  1. Auto-sync with AWS API - Products are updated using the Amazon API. You need to set up the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Access Credentials to enable this data option. More info here. We recommend this data option.
  2. Auto-sync without AWS API - Products are updated using alternative sources of Amazon data. AWS Access credentials are not required. However, the auto-sync product limit with this data option is significantly lower than the AWS API data option. Check the plans page for product limits.


  • Variants, which are manually added after importing the product, will be deleted when the app auto-syncs the product.
  • Auto-sync with AWS API will fetch the buy box price of the products whereas auto-sync without AWS API will fetch the lowest offer price of the product.